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Lao People's Democratic Republic : Fact Sheet

Lao PDR – Fact Sheet

Official name : Lao People's Democratic Republic
Form of Government : Parliamentary form
The executive : The Council of Ministers is the highest executive body and all members of the council are appointed by the chairman of the Council of Ministers (the Prime Minister)

Head of State : President, H.E. Mr. Choummaly Sayasone
Head of Government : Prime Minister – H.E. Mr. Thongsing Thammavong

National legislature : A unicameral National Assembly; Present number of MPs: 132 [LPRP- 128, Non-partylegislators-4] representing 16 provinces and Vientiane capital. Members are elected by popular vote from a list of candidates selected by the Party for a 5 year term.

National elections : The last National Assembly election took place in April 2011.

Political Parties : Single party i.e. The Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPRP) dominates the government and bureaucracy. Government policies are determined by the LPRP through the powerful 11-member Politburo and the 50-member Central Committee. Important government decisions are vetted by the Politburo.

Area : It has a total area of 236,800 sq km, of which land is 230,800 sq km and water 6,000 sq km.
Population : 6.44m (2010, IMF)
Currency : Kip (K), 1US$ = 7700 Kip approx. (in June, 2013)
GDP : US$ 9.269 billion (2012 est.)
Real GDP growth rate : 8.3% (2012 est)
GNI Per Capita : US$ 1505 (2012-13)
Total Trade : Exports: USD 1.60 billion (2012)
Imports: USD 2.72 billion (2012)
Forex Reserves : USD 699 million (March 2013)
Main resources : Agricultural products, copper, tin, gold, iron ore, coal, gypsum, cement, timber, hydro-power, tourism, etc.
Language : Lao (official), English, French, and various ethnic languages
Boundary : Land boundary is 5,083 km of which with Myanmar it has 235 km, Cambodia 541 km, China 423 km, Thailand 1,754 km, Vietnam 2,130 km